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    Limit of concurrent user license reached.

    SSKCSteve _

      I am using Monarch v10 Pro installed in a network environment with a 2-user license.  I have the Client installed successfully with a shortcut to the ...\Monarch\program\monarch.exe file.  It was installed after running 'chnage user /install' from a command window.  When I log in to the machine with my ID (Administrator), the application launches successfully.  If I use a users ID, I get the message "Limit of concurrent user license reached. There are no concurrent user slots currently available."  When I run 'status.exe', it does not show that either of the licenses are being used.  The user is a member of a Group that has 'Modify' rights to the install point both on the server and the client machines.  other Admins can launch the application without issue.


      Coudl someone help getting this issue resolved?