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    xml input database

    djbeam _

      Can Monarch Pro input data that is in XML format .. like a csv ... xls  .. etc. file.



        • xml input database
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Don,


          While there have been some experiments and related discussions concerning parsing XML files here, I'm afraid that the answer is "No." Monarch Pro doesn't import XML readily and easily as it does CSV and other formats.


          Depending on the record structure in question though, you could be successful in treating the XML as a regular text report and develop a normal model with detail and append templates. Others have been successful in doing so.



            • xml input database
              Olly Bond

              Hello Don,


              I'd be very happy to have a look at your sample XML and advise - feel free to PM or email me if you can't post it here between and tags.


              A few things to watch out for - forcing line breaks, missing details, and field length issues are quite common. But in general, as a quick and dirty way to get what you need from XML, Monarch can be quite effective.


              Best wishes,