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    Question in Monarch V10

    chickenjoy _

      Hi Guys,


      Can you please assist me with this issue:


      The issue with the model is that we can not move it to another PC, if we do then the query just hangs and times out (there may be user names/passwords hardcoded in the model, I'm not sure. Is it possible that Monarch may be locking records, even though our DSN's are set to READ UNCOMMITTED (we use Monarch to access a Progress database via ODBC), does the model has the ability to override the READ UNCOMMITTED setting, (2.) it appears that each time the model is used, rather than a single ODBC connection it is making multiple connections, it appears that it is tying up an entire Progress "broker", which would be 10 users at our current settings - it appears it may be logging in multiple times.



      Thanks a lot for all your help!