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    Inquiry on pulling an Excel file in Monarch

    chickenjoy _

      Hi All,


      I have run into a couple problems when trying to pull data into Monarch from an Excel file:




      #1 -- When I pull a pdf document into Monarch such as a table like the one shown below, I am able to choose to populate the empty cells below “Accounting” and “Engineering” in the Field Properties by choosing “Copy value from previous record”.  Is there a similar way to handle this when I pull in the data from an Excel spreadsheet?




      #2 – When a column title is more than one line/cell, how can I get the data to pull in correctly so that it doesn’t think that “Direct” is the title and “Line” is an item, when looking at the last column in the table on this link:


      Please click on this:




      Please advise! Thanks!

        • Inquiry on pulling an Excel file in Monarch
          Data Kruncher

          You won't be able to populate field values using the value from the previous record when using database-type sources as you can when working with report sources, such as you described.


          Instead you'll need to fill in those spaces in the Excel file prior to using it with Monarch. A quick way to do so is to select the first cell in the range, in your case, the Department title. Hold the Shift key, then click the last row of the column adjacent to that column that does have values (the Maria cell).


          Now hit F5 to "go to" and select Special... then Blanks and click OK.


          Now before you change anything, hit the + key and up arrow. Now hold Ctrl and hit Enter. Finally, select all of the affected selection and Ctrl-c to copy, then Edit, Paste Special Values and save your file.


          Now you can use it with Monarch.


          If this is going to be a repeated activity you could write a little Excel macro to handle this cleanup work for you.