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    Change external lookup database connection/encrypted password

      I have to change the database (Oracle) connection and an encrypted password for the external lookup on a number of models (version 10.5) to move from the development database to the production database.  We tried the utility that Monarch technical support provided and could not see that it allowed for the password change.  Does anyone have a quicker way of changing the connection database and encrypted password than opening each model and making the changes?  Thanks.



        • Change external lookup database connection/encrypted password
          Data Kruncher

          Hi John,


          Disclaimer: I'm probably about to completely and utterly oversimplify  things, as I'm no security expert. :o


          I'd suspect that the main roadblock is that the password is encrypted, meaning that the password string that appears in the xmod/xprj needs to be decrypted by Monarch using its internal algorithm, and that the same algorithm was used to create the encrypted password in the xml Monarch file.


          That also would imply that the encrypted password characters might /Ibe the same for every model that accesses the same database with the same password. Once you create one model/project that provides access to your production system, you might be able to copy the generated password from that xml file and do a replace in the files that accessed the development system.


          Back up your files before trying the idea out, though.


          Just an idea.

            • Change external lookup database connection/encrypted password

              Hi Data Kruncher,

              Thanks for your clever suggestion and timely response.  Testing that I performed confirmed that the method does work although I noticed that the encrypted password did change across connections for the same database and server.  I have no background on how this works behind-the-scenes in Oracle, so with a tight execution timeframe for this very critical project I decided to make the changes manually.