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    Aggregating Financials

    Marc Osborne

      Hello. I receive a set of financial reports on a monthly basis. Each report is a text file and I've created a model that permits me to export the resulting table to Exel for further work. I currently open each file separately and then export the each table to one Exel file as a separate tab within the file. Is there a way to do this all at once rather than report by report?


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          Olly Bond

          Hello Marc,


          Yes - you can open multiple reports in Monarch (up to 1024). To do this, open one report, open your model, navigate to the Report window, go to File, Open Report, browse to the right folder, select the reports you want. You'll be prompted to retain the open report and model - tick yes to both options.


          When you have lots of reports open, you might find a calculated field defined as rsplit(File();2;"\";1) is helpful - this will let you know what filename each detail line was found in.





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              Data Kruncher

              Just to be crystal clear, Olly's advice is perfectly sound if each of the text files that you receive is an instance of the same report, say P&Ls run for different departments, so that every file has the same basic structure. In that case, it's a very easy solution.


              But if you're receiving a collection of different report formats, then automating that sort of manual processing of the Monarch export process is possible in a couple of ways, such as batch files using Monarch's command line parameters, or by using Monarch COM interface that allows you control Monarch via custom programming, such as can be created with Excel's VBA.