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    Help with Upgrade!

    Jim Weeks

      Hello all!


      I was having trouble installing the 10.5 upgrade to Monarh Pro.  When I would install it and run Monarch, it would still come up as v. 10.0.  So I deceided to uninstall everything and reinstall version 10.0. and then presumably, I would be able to upgrade to 10.5.   I went through the registry and removed all references to Monarch and removed references to it in the Windows directory.  (I actually had references back to Monarch v. 4.0....long time loyal user)


      Upon trying to reinstall v.10.0 from the install CD, the only load menu that comes up is the "Modify, Repair, Unistall" menu, none of which install v. 10.0  It does NOT come up with the demo-shield install fresh menus.


      As a test, I also have a v 8.1 CD which I installed without a problem. 


      Is there still some hidden reference somewhere to v. 10.0 so that when I try to INSTALL 10.0, it thinks that I am trying to repair or uninstall it?


      In the meantime, I'm dead in the water so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.