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    mivanows _

      I am just started using Monarch and need tutorial for Version 6.

      Can anyone out there help?:)

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          RalphB _

          Hi mivanows and welcome to the forum.


          It's been a while since I've worked with Version 6 but you should be able to find some tutorials in the Reference Guide in the Help directory.  Most versions of Monarch do include it.


          Within Monarch just select Help, Help Topics from the main menu.


          Check that out and post back if you still need help.  Someone around here may still have a Learning Guide for Version 6 yet.

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            mivanows _

            I have a very large RTF file. How can it work on Monarch?


            My environment:


            Excel 2003

            Monarch V6

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                Olly Bond

                Hello Mark,


                In the absence of Monarch v8 Pro of higher, which could handle this output as PDF or XPS, your best bet would be to download and install the Microsoft Generic Text Printer driver and to print your file to this from Word/WordPad. You'll then have an ASCII or ANSI text report which you can work on in Monarch.


                You could also open the RTF in WordPad, do CTRL+A to select all, copy and paste into Notepad and try saving that. Either approach is a bit ugly as rich text format (RTF) is designed to control how information is displayed and not how it's structured, but once you have your information in a text report then there's almost nothing you can't do in Monarch.


                Good luck,