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    Multi-Column is dropping last column

    Bill P.



      I am trying to extract data from a report where the fields look like this:


      && ,&&&,&&-,&&A,&&B,&&C,&&D,&&E,&&F,&&G,&&H,&&I,&&J,&&K,&&L,&&M,&&N,&&O,&&P,&&Q


      I have the MCR set at 20 columns, start position 1 and field length 4. The problem I am having is that the last column is not picked up when I do the template.


      Does anyone have a solution?


      Bill Poindexter

      Monarch V9 Pro

        • Multi-Column is dropping last column
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Bill and welcome to the forum.


          Seems like and odd problem although to be honest I don't recall ever having to work with a report of 20 columns so maybe an undiscovered 'issue' from my personal experience.


          If your input file is a set of comma separated values as you posted then my personal initial recommendation, since you have Monarch Pro, would be to consider reading the file as a database (a csv file counts as a database for this purpose) and extract the fields that way.


          You may already know this and have a reason for not going that route, in which case let us know. I'll experiment with the MCR to see if I get the same result if you have to look at that option rather than reading as a database.





          Grant Perkins