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    Calculated field in the summary????

    Set_Shot _

      I'm trying to make an average field in the summary.


      my formula looks something like this.


      first I want to total a field called scale gains within a group than I want to divide that total by the number of people in that group. The summary level doesn't let me create a formula field. what is the work around for this????




      Set_Shot :confused:

        • Calculated field in the summary????
          Olly Bond

          Hello Set Shot,


          Open the Summary properties dialog. Click on the Fields tab. Define a measure based on "scale gains". This will default to Sum(scale_gains). Double click on this in the measures window of this tab. This will bring up a window with three tabs - General, Calculation, and Colouring & Limits. In the Calculation tab, click on the edit button, and enter the formula as you wrote it in your post.


          That should do the trick.





          • Calculated field in the summary????
            Data Kruncher

            On the Calculation tab of the measure field properties dialog box, click the Edit... button and you'll be able to define your calculation exactly as you've shown in your post.


            Edit: Mr. Bond beat me to it. So close...