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    Multi line detail with word wrap issues

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      Hello All,

      I'm having difficulties trying  to capture detail data from a multi line detail.

      Data look just like this.


      xxx-xx-9999         Pina, Juan  

                                QUIZHPE, SAUL     



      xxx-xx-9999         Rivas, Juan       

      As you can see I having word wrapping issues. When a names is too long.

      I first get last and middle name. than a next line with all my detail than a third line with first name. I'm very new to Monarch 10.5. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.   




        • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
          Data Kruncher

          Can you post a bit of a larger sample for maybe three or four full records, along with headings if there are any, between the tags (without the spaces). Use the Preview Post button to make sure that this accurately depicts your report.


          If possible, have it show a couple of records that are wrapping, and a couple that aren't, so we know better how the report behaves.


          It really helps to better troubleshoot this sort of thing. Thanks.

            • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
              Grant Perkins

              As Kruncher has aid a few example lines of the original report wold really help here.


              From my understanding of your description I suspect you make have set up a template based on records having 2 lines of detail but that causes a problem when some record have 3 lines.


              There will be a way to work around this but to work out what the best approach will be is almost always very dependent on the structure of the input report file and small differences can mean completely different approaches are required. Seeing the original problem really helps a lot in those circumstances.






                • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
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                  Hello Data Kruncher & Grant,

                  Here is an example of the Detail line.



                       Student ID         Student Name                          Inst/Fun                                                                               

                  xxx-xx-9999         Baten, Jeremias                      01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-7134         Bedolla, Martha                      01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-7134         Bedolla, Martha                      01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-9999         BOYAS, MARIA                       01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-9999         Cervantes, Miguel                   01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-9999         Cortes, Ruben                        01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-7180         Errami, Imade                         01/4900    

                      xxx-xx-0774         Fadrowski, Jozef                     01/4900    


                  Here is an example of the detail line with my word wrapping issue.


                                      QUIZHPE, SAUL                                                     

                  xxx-xx-9999                                               01/4900             28.00   

                                       XAVIER                      /B                                      

                  xxx-xx-9999         Rivas, Juan                       01/4900             80.00   

                  xxx-xx-9999         Roque, Angel                     01/4900             76.00   

                  xxx-xx-3995         Szrajer, Iwona                   01/4900             92.00   

                  xxx-xx-0544         Torres, Agapito                  01/4900             44.00   

                  xxx-xx-6705         Torres, Sergio                    01/4900             52.00   

                                      Torres Roque, Miguel                                              

                  xxx-xx-9999                                               01/4900              96.00   

                                       Angel        /B                                                     

                  xxx-xx-9999         Valdez, Miguel                    01/4900             44.00  


                  I've tried bolding  where the error is don't know if it worked.

                  When a person name is too long I get three lines of data.

                  First line would contain last name and middle name.

                  Second line would contain all the detail that I need.

                  Third line would contain person first name.

                    • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
                      Grant Perkins

                      This is a very strange looking input. Can I ask what is the source of the original report/input file? Applications that sometimes add additional lines beloew the default record line for 'long fields' that don't fit the report have raised questions here before. But I don't recall seeing an example of something that abandoned the default defail line entirely and then uased a line above AND a line below the detail line.


                      Do you have any chance of going back up the source chain to see if there is a better point for taking the data for your input needs?


                      Since I have no way of checking the consistency of the reports you get my inclination would be to grab the 1st and 3rd lines of the records that are split as spearate extractions and then combine them into a lookup table for ue with the main detail line extraction.


                      The main detail could then be extractee on such a way that it would leave the name field blank (since there is no name) and that would trigger the read of the lookup data to fill the name field(s). It's a multiple step process but it should be possible to make it a Batch file process and add some error monitoring analysis.


                      I'm sure that someone will come up with a smart single pass solution as well and that too is likely to work provided the sample data as posted is quite typical of all the occurrences in the input file.


                      Let's see what comes up.





                        • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
                          Set_Shot _

                          Hello Grant,

                          The Source of the file is from a application called DAISI and it's a PDF file. Is there a way to send a snippet of the report. All I can do is copy paste from the PDF and bold where my issue is.



                          xxx-xx-9999 Anashkin, Tatyana 01/4900 84.00 96.00 6.40 I 0.00 16.00 1 11/19/2009 CELSA 1

                          xxx-xx-9004 Barrera, Felix 01/4900 60.00 96.00 6.40 I 20.00 2.00 0 07/25/2009 CELSA 1

                          Bensassi Nour,[/B]    <----- LIne 1

                          xxx-xx-5162 01/4900 52.00 96.00 6.40 I 8.00 -3.00 -1 07/25/2009 CELSA 2 <------- Line 2 Also All Detail excluding  name[/I]

                          Myelmamoun /B <------- LIne3

                          xxx-xx-0489 Enriquez, Estela 01/4900 60.00 96.00 6.40 I 0.00 -7.00 -1 11/20/2009 CELSA 2


                          I have about thirty of these issues throughout my report. And I'm trying not to have to manually put them into the table.


                          Kind Regards,


                            • Multi line detail with word wrap issues
                              Grant Perkins

                              Ah, Have you got 10.5 Pro or 10.5 Standard?


                              If Pro, are you reading the PDF directly into Monarch and getting a mis-aligned and sometimes 3 line reports r is that an artifact of the cut and paste?


                              I see an emailed advisory from the forum where the data format looks like there are much more distinct columns than ther appear to be in the cut and paste posted. This is not unusual although things may[/i] be slightly closer to the original if you use the CODE tags (or, if you are using the advanced reply window editor, highlight the pasted taxt and click on the # tag at the top of the entry window.)


                              If the input you are dealing with is indeed in reasonably columnar form that would open up some other possibilities or at least may modify the approaches one would take.


                              Are you allows to share a sample PDF report? (Not very important if you don't have the Pro version of Monarch.)


                              Have you tried extracting the text from the PDF file using the facility in Adobe's PDF reader? Does that do anything useful for you?


                              I'm assuming if you can cut and paste from the PDF that the PDF contains real TEXT rather than a graphic image. If it is text then Monarch 10 Pro should be able to extract it directly, though format issues such as you have presented are not uncommon depending on how the pdf was created.


                              If you can get the text on to screen via Monarch or Adobe reader's export text, you have, in effect, an electronic file that you can save as a report. However since Monarch Pro provides some adjustments to help make the extracted text more report mining friendly there may be several different way to get something useful from whatever can be extracted!


                              Just in case you think this is all getting a bit more complex than you were thinking it should be - it probably is! There are certainly gentler ways of becoming familiar with what Monarch can do but is looks like you have been forced straight into the deep end. We should find the flotation rings soon so hang in there!