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    PDF output different on different PCs (all with 10.0)

    drobert _

      I have been working on this report for quite some time:eek: and finally was satisfied with the way it looked in the PDF. In this report I setup a page header with courier font (should be standard with all PCs), setup the margins as 1 and the page as Legal Landscape.


      If I look the output when run from my PC I see that everything is correct (as expected);). When I run it on another machine, I see that the header gets wrapped around and the last column disappears. If I look closely, I can see a difference between the margins of my PDF and the one created by the other PC.


      This is where I found that my output is setup as 1 cm and the other PC has it as 1 inch. I am assuming that this is taken from how Windows is configured and I really don't want everyone to mess around with their setting just to get this report to work, so I was wondering if there was an option (I didn't find it:rolleyes:) to define whether using inches or cm.


      If it's not possible to do that, then I would say that the Monarch Project is not portable and this may be a something that needs to be fixed; either having the option to override the Windows setup, or have it always convert it to a common factor in the background so that it would automatically be converted from machine to machine.

        • PDF output different on different PCs (all with 10.0)
          Data Kruncher

          You, Sir, are correct!


          The page margins are stored in the model as integer values where 1 unit is represented as 100, and the Windows regional settings dictate the unit of measure.


          So an intended margin of 1/4" is stored in the model with a value of 25. If your Windows default is inches, the margin will be set properly (as intended), but if the operating system is defined to use something other than inches, then, Houston, we have a problem.


          The best thing that you can do as a designer is to go with the flow, and mirror what the others are using. Right, wrong, or otherwise. Until Monarch uses a more flexible measurement system in a future release. You might want to write it up in the Future Features thread.