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    Backwards Compatibility

    feldwickm _



      We're currently using Monarch Pro 9.01 but we're thinking of upgrading to v10.5. I'm wondering if all of the models built in 9.01 will work in 10.5 and vice versa. Also, once Monarch has been upgraded, is it possible to downgrade back if necessary?


      Many Thanks

        • Backwards Compatibility
          Olly Bond

          Hello FeldwickM,


          Yes, v9 models should work in v10.5 without a problem. Also, models made in v10.5 should work in v9, but only if they only use v9 features. You can make a summary with multiple measures on an across key in v10, but you can't expect v9 to understand what to do with that part of the .xmod file, so the summary would not work in v9.


          As for installing v10 and uninstalling later, that shouldn't be a problem.