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    Help with Trapping

    Set_Shot _

      Hello All, Very new to Monarch 10.5. I'm trying to do the trapping exercise within the Learning Guide. when trapping the filed do not get highlighted in gray but I do get the chevron character. Second my trap line doesn't highlight in yellow. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting that I have to change?  :confused:

        • Help with Trapping
          Olly Bond

          Hello Set_Shot,


          When you define a new template, there are two lines visible at the top of the report window, one labelled T, and one labelled S.


          In the T line, put the characters that you want to use to trap the line on - using  the exact characters themselves or wildcards like à for "any letter" and Ñ for "any number".


          In the S line, select the areas of the line that you want as fields, by clicking and dragging the mouse. These should appear in black.


          Then when you click OK, you should see a chevron in the left margin next to every line that matches the Trap expression, with the fields highlighted as per your Selection choice.


          Good luck!



          • Help with Trapping
            Set_Shot _

            Thanks Olly,

            With a little trial and error I was able to get it done. Now I have to figure out a way to bring missing data in. Word wrap problem!!!!:(