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    Unlicensed error Monarch Pro V6

    matt_ _

      Greetings Monarch users!


      I have installed Monarch Pro V6 on Windows XP with full administrator rights, and when I run the software it tells me that I'm unlicensed. I tried searching this site, but haven't seen anything that looks relevant. Can someone point me to the right direction, or show me a post that perhaps I have overlooked?


      Thanks in advance!

        • Unlicensed error Monarch Pro V6
          Olly Bond

          Hello Matt,


          There should be an licence key on the CD that you installed it from. I'm assuming that you installed a single user edition of Monarch.


          Network editions may require that your PC checks with a licence server - your error sounds like it might be that you're using the named user edition.


          If so, your own IT department should be able to help fix this.


          Best wishes,