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    Repeating Appends

    Patrick Mackey

      I am having trouble stopping the appends from repeating

      until it sees a new value.  The first illustration below shows

      what I am starting with and the next shows what I would like

      to get to.  I was almost there if I can stop the appends from






         Agency #                          Subs 




             12 / 34.95  22.71              46

             24 / 58.58  38.07               1


             Total                          47



             12 / 34.95  22.72              64


             Total                          64



             12 / 34.95  22.72              71

             36 / 82.35  53.53               1


             Total                          72 /code






      Agy #     Term 1          GS 1     Term 2          GS2     Term 3          GS3


      14001     12 / 34.95     46     24 / 58.58     1 


      18501     12 / 34.95     64          


      19301     12 / 34.95     71                    36 / 82.35     1[/CODE]

        • Repeating Appends
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Patrick and welcome to the forum.


          For ease of use here I think I would skip the idea of an append. Just treat the first line of each Agency as the detail and then grab the Term/Price as a multi-line field.


          Now create some calculated fields for all the possible Term calculations ( I assume that realistically that will be a limited number) and use the TEXTLINE() function in SEARCH mode to grab the data from which ever line show the 12 or 24 or 36 month, etc., values.


          To separate the GS values from the rest of the field you can than use the RSPLIT() function. Once you see how that works you can reduce the number of 'intermediate' fields by taking a more direct route with the field formula - but get the separate fields first as it is easier to check and test the results.


          If this is familiar territory for you let us know how it works out. If not, let us know and we can provide more detailed guidance.




            • Repeating Appends
              Patrick Mackey

              This was an excellent option...  It worked well.


              I tried to apply it to a similar section in a sister report but found

              there must be a limit on the record/field length.  It truncated part

              of my return.


              Thanks again, you got me in good order with what I needed for now.

                • Repeating Appends
                  Grant Perkins

                  I tried to apply it to a similar section in a sister report but found

                  there must be a limit on the record/field length. It truncated part

                  of my return.




                  Hi Patrick,


                  Glad that worked for you.


                  The maximum length of a Character field type is 254 characters. However when you need more make the field a MEMO type and that will give you 64k characters to play with.


                  If you do that you will usually need to make use of the 'Show Field Contents' menu option in order to display all of the contents of such a potentially large field.