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    Infrequently Appearing Fields and the GURU Trap

    convertible06 _

      Hello and Help,

      Below is a sample of 2 alerts from a report I am parsing.  I was successful in parsing the report if I do not include the fields that are in the line beginning with "NBR RTNS" but these are required.  I tried following the GURU instrctions and still cannot seem to get the data correct.  Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance


      063000021-1U2*   00200000000009      $2,000.00   00200000000009   CLOSED FOR CAUSE    04/12/2010  00200000000009      $2,000.00

      04/12/2010  05/08/2009         05/29/2009   012    510001751 00200000000009              

               NBR RTNS: 001     DATE LAST RTN: 04/12/2010    STATUS: RTNITEM_ACCT(15)   REASON:ACCOUNT CLOSED           

               My Name  DateOpend:07-09-2009   Available Balance:      $2002.12   Center:2152151 Account Status:00           3Month Items NSF:    2

      3Month Times NSF:  2     Bank/Reg:0175/031  RegCC Hld:          $.00    Other Hld:          $.00    Safety Hld:          $.00   Off-Code: 17689                                                                               


      061000052-B52    00200000000010        $700.00   00200000000010   CLOSED FOR CAUSE    04/12/2010  00200000000010        $700.00

      04/09/2010   1025   03/25/2010         03/25/2010   037    510001751   00200000000010              

                My Name2   DateOpend:07-13-2009   Available Balance:       $599.94 Center:1880511   Account Status:00           3Month Items NSF:    6

      3Month Times NSF:  5    Bank/Reg:0175/011  RegCC Hld:          $.00    Other Hld:          $.00    Safety Hld:          $.00   Off-Code: 28870

        • Infrequently Appearing Fields and the GURU Trap
          Olly Bond

          Hello convertible,


          I don't think you need detail and append templates on this sample - just one three-line detail template, trapping on line 1, col 11 ("-"), and the advanced field properties on line three of "preceding string"-"nbr rtns: ".


          Lines four and five you can pick up with a conventional footer template. The sample looks easier to manage when you trap the bulk of the data on each line as one long text field, as you can always break these up in the table using calculated fields.





            • Infrequently Appearing Fields and the GURU Trap
              Grant Perkins

              I think Olly's observation about extrating the data as a long line single field looks right here.


              Given that the format of the lines in the sample is not consistent any template trying to extract field by field might be challenged to do so.


              I would be interested to know what you have defined in the templates for this model. Would you model work with a cut and paste copy of the sample you posted? (Sometimes things get a little messed up in posting.)


              If so I could have a look to see what possibilities might exist. If you want to do that send me a PM though the forum with your email address and I will provide email contact details.