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    Incrementing Field

    trsutton _

      Is there a way to add a field that will start with a numeric value that would be provided, and then increment by one for each additional row of data?  I am using Monarch 10.

        • Incrementing Field
          Data Kruncher

          Start with a numeric runtime parameter calculated field (say, RTNumber) and then build a new numeric calculated field:


          RTNumber+RecNo()[/code]Note that fields which employ RecNo() can be used in filters, while fields which use RowNo() cannot.


          On the other hand, RowNo() is not affected by custom sort orders, while RecNo() is. RecNo() maintains the original record number regardless of the custom sort applied.


          You can use either RecNo() or RowNo() as best suits your needs.


          Additionally, you might find this article on [URL="http://********************/functions/exploring-monarchs-report-functions"]Monarch's report functions[/URL] of interest.