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    Update SQL Server

    Diony _



      I currently am using Monarch 10 and we do a lot of automation of updating Access database tables through the Jet Scrub functionality.


      My question is in regards to updating SQL Server tables.


      Does Monarch Pro v10.0 have the functionality to add records to a SQL Server database?


      Thanks in advance for you help.

        • Update SQL Server
          Olly Bond

          Hello Diony,


          Yes it does.


          You can choose to overwrite a table, append records to the end of one, and I think you can also choose to modify changed records.


          Best wishes,



            • Update SQL Server
              Diony _

              Thanks for you quick response yesterday Olly.  I appreciate that.  What I am trying to do right now is export to SQL through the Monarch app, however I don't see a an export option for SQL Server.


              Is there a trick to exporting to a database hosted on SQL Server?


              Thank you.