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    Problem Exporting to .PDF With Monarch

    El Flaco

      I have installed Windows XP at my computer and got Monarch 10.5 but when I try to export the report to .PDF it gives me an ERROR mesage that sais "Monarch application file has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"I tought the problem was the PDF aplication and got installed the "Save As.PDF" aplication but it did not help me, I'm very interested in the table I generated with model I made but I think the tree view in a .PDF file is very usefull for the EDI files that I work with because the tree option is very friendly to work with, if any of you have an a

      idea on what the problem could be please help me out.

        • Problem Exporting to .PDF With Monarch
          Olly Bond

          Hello El Flaco,


          I've seen some issues with saving from the report window to PRF files, but not tested this with PDF files. Do you have a sample you can send me on olly@greenbar.info[/email] and I'll check it out? I've got Monarch Pro v 10.5 on Vista on my laptop, but don't have access to 10.5 here at the office for the moment.


          Best wishes,



            • Problem Exporting to .PDF With Monarch
              Grant Perkins

              Hello El Flaco and welcome to the forum.


              I have just run a quick test using V10.5 and produced a PDF of 355 pages (5.5 Mb) complete with working tree index without any problems. (Although this was on a Vista machine.)


              This may not help you much but at least we know there is no obvious problem with PDF exports of Report pages so it may be that this is something rather specific to what you are doing.


              Have you tried exporting a different report (anything, but keep it simple) in order to see if it is always a problem for you no matter what the source file for the export is?


              I too will be happy to experiment with a sample if you have one you can release to people.




                • Problem Exporting to .PDF With Monarch
                  RalphB _

                  Hi El Flaco,


                  I receive the same message every now and then here using text, excel or access files in vb scripts so I don't think it is related to PDF files.


                  I haven't been able to trace the cause but I just restart the scripts and it runs fine.  I think it has to do with reading/writing to a memory location as the error message it wants to send out shows a memory address.  That is just a guess.


                  I have ran checkdisk/scandisk on my pc and that has seemed to have helped reduce the frequency of that errror.