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    Auto-Define Trap error

    Kyle_M _

      I've just installed Monarch 10.5 Pro and am testing it out. I've replicated a bug that causes Monarch to crash consistently.


      - Open the Classic.prn report.

      - Open the Lesson3.xmod model.

      - Select the top line of the report starting with the date "05/01/08".

      - Create a new Template.

      - Click the Auto-Define Trap button.

      - Crash.


      My machine is running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.



      Based on a little more testing, it appears it only crashes when there is a header template on the first line, and you create another template on the first line and use Auto-Define Trap.

        • Auto-Define Trap error
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Kyle and welcome to the forum.


          I tried out what you described and you are quite right. It's a little messy and an useful message would be better.


          However if you try the same thing for another tempate line - say a detail line - there does not seem to be a problem.


          So my guess is that this is something to do with the particular special characteristics of the Page Header template. A page header, pretty much by definition, would not be expected to have a secondary template related to it no matter how the template was generated. On the other hand a detail template does allow for other template types to utilise the same line for selection purposes  - a factor that has been used by many to define Append templates to deal with extracting data from awkward reports on a regular basis.


          Of course you may know of this potential already - I have know way of knowing whether you do or not.


          I think it would make sense for you to send a note to Datawatch about the problem you have found so that it can be trapped in a future release. However for practical purposes the easiest solution would be simply to ensure that you don't try to create a new template using a report line already used as part of a Page Header template.  That way you should be able to avoid any annoying crashes in day to day use of the current release.


          Have fun! V10 offers a lot of features to play with.