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    Line lost by Monarch page break

    ltw _

      I have a report of addresses where I want extract the address information.  The report has a single header and many address blocks as follows:

      001                                                                 153599.00

      JONES, FRANK                                                        153600.00

      1234 W. FRANK STREET                                                153601.00                                                                               

      FOREST PARK,       IL 60130                                                  

      (312)951-1234                    (312)951-1234                               

      (312)951-1234 Fax                                                                               

      002                                                                 153599.00

      NORDWAY, CHRISTY.                                                   153599.00

      5678 ELM STREET                                                     153599.00

      SUITE 90                                                                     

      HOUSTON,           TX 77027                                                  

      (713)623-5678                    (713)623-5678                               

      (713)623-5678 Fax                                                                               

      003                                                                 153599.00

      DOE, JOHN                                                           153599.00


      12345 MCDUFFEE STREET                                                        

      CARMEL             IN 46033                                                  

      (317)705-4321                    (317)705-4321                               

      (317)705-4321 Fax                                                             /CODE


      For purposes of providing an example, I have repeated the above data several times in an example report, which I can easily share if necessary.


      Monarch inserts what appear to be its own page breaks in the file at points of its choosing.  The problem is that data is occasionally lost around the page breaks.  For example,

      050                                                                 153599.00      

      NORDWAY, CHRISTY.                                                   153599.00      

      5678 ELM STREET                                                     153599.00      




      SUITE 90                                                                           

      HOUSTON,           TX 77027                                                        

      (713)623-5678                    (713)623-5678                                     

      (713)623-5678 Fax                                                                  


                                                                                      In this situation, the "Suite 90" field is lost. 


      The model picks up the unit number (050) and name (NORDWAY, CHRISTY) as single line fields.  The address field (5678 ELM through 77027) is picked up by a 3-line field.


      Is there a way to tell Monarch not to insert page breaks?  I know about the Force Page Break input option, but the actual files can be quite long, and thus the result remains unpredictable.  Any ideas?



        • Line lost by Monarch page break
          Grant Perkins

          Hi ltw.


          You need to control the page headers and I have to say your little report is not playing nicely ...


          I'm not sure this will work for the full report without some further tweaking but for the sample (just to get a feel for things) if you trap the first line of each record by, say, the 3 numerics for the record number and then the decimal point for the numeric value to the right you can then make that a PAGE HEADER template and Monarch will interpret each record as being on its pown page.


          That's the start of an attempt to deal with records with 'dynamic' lines - i.e. potentially a different number of lines for each record.


          However your reports sample suggests that it may in fact be fixed to 7 lines total per record. Or 8 lines with a space line. If that is in fact the case for all records in the report setting the input options to a multiple of 8 for the number of lines between page breaks should work for you. (Note that the minmum number of lines the input options will accept is 10...)


          So if the number of lines are fixed and the multiple of 8 works for you things should be fairly straightforward from there.


          If, in the other hand, you are not so lucky with such consistency things may get a little more complicated. However rather than dive into a few possibilities that you might not need I'll wait until you have had a chance to check the potential fot the 8 line multiple before looking into the depths. I hope that's OK.