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    Export Memo Field

    cferguso _

      I am trying to export a long memo (400 char) field into a fixed length txt file and it is wrapping the field to the next line.


      Any ideas?

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          Grant Perkins

          Is it wrapping at the field width setting?


          I think you may be stuck with that as normal intended behaviour.


          One option to look at would be to 'print' the file  to a FILE printer set up on your system that would give an electronic file of a 'print image'. If the virtual printer page size was set very wide it might just work but I suspect it will still wrap.


          You may need to split the Memo field into component lines using TEXTLINE and calculated fields. The hide the Memo field and export the calculated fields. I won't promise it will give you exactly what you want - I suspect there may be gaps between the fields - but it may be a step to a way forward.






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            Olly Bond

            Hello cferguso,


            I've just created a 1000 character memo field and exported to a fixed-width file "classic.txt", and the field hasn't wrapped at all. I'm using v9 Pro on XP.


            What application are you using to view the text file?


            Best wishes,