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    Trouble exporting to xls & opening a prior model

    nlevasseur _

      Okay, I'm a new user and I've followed the guide and managed to extract data from some fairly complex reports.  The trigger / trap wizard is amazing.  I'm running under citrix terminal services and I've changed all of my folder preferences from the c:\ defaults to an appropriate location on the network. 


      I've created an initial successful model, & template but when I try to open a report of the same format but more current date and then open the model previously used, monarch pro v10.5 just terminates abnormally without any error message or clue.  If I open the model first it dies immediately.  My folder paths are all good because I can reference and see all of my previous work.


      As a work around, I opened the new report date, then imported a template from the prior and the data in table view or report view looked great.  Then I attempted to export it and it fails on any type of excel export.  If I export to text file delimited it works fine.  I indicated to overwrite if file exists, as well as Excel 2007 as well as older versions to no avail. 


      I've read the faq and the guide again.  I guess I know enough to be dangerous.  What am I doing wrong?

        • Trouble exporting to xls & opening a prior model
          Data Kruncher

          Welcome to the forum nlevasseur.


          First off, I don't believe that you're not doing anything wrong. In my experience, v10.5 is rock solid stable.


          What you've described are standard operations for Monarch. I [B]suspect /B[/I]that the Citrix install isn't configured properly or something :confused:, but I don't have first hand experience/knowledge to assist on that front.


          Perhaps someone with experience with that environment will be able to shed some light on this.


          Barring that, you might want to contact Tech Support directly.