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    Site license available?

    JeanR _

      Now that I have shown the accounting department at my office how valuable Monarch can be, they want to buy a site license for multiple users.  Where can I go to purchase such a thing?



        • Site license available?
          Olly Bond

          Hello Jean,


          There are various licence options available, and Datawatch's sales team should be able to help you through the choices. Before you decide on which network licence to deploy, it might be worth thinking about how you want to deliver report mining to your colleagues.


          If they all need to make their own models and run ad-hoc jobs, then Monarch on the desktop is the best bet. If you have a lot of jobs that you want to automate and schedule, and distribute the output via email, Sharepoint, FTP etc, then Monarch DataPump on a server is better. If you have a lot of users who need to consult reports and make their own queries on the data, then browser-based options like Monarch BI Server are more suitable.