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    Is there a cache?

    DZizzo _

      Hi -- We're using Pro v9 and Windows 7 and have recently begun to use Oracle databases through an ODBC connection.  When I open the same Oracle table more than once, it adds rows to the table I see in Monarch each time.  I'm not doing any filtering or anything with a model, just opening into table view.  Is there a cache that needs emptying in Monarch or is there anything else someone knows of that might be causing this?



        • Is there a cache?
          Grant Perkins



          How are you opening the second connection to the database? I don't use ODBC much at all but a straight connection to the DB does not, as far as I am aware, allow 2 concurrent connections EXCEPT, as from V9, if the 'database' is a csv file (or files for that case!)


          The other question of course is - why do you need to open two instances of the database? Is it some form of external lookup requirement?




            • Is there a cache?
              DZizzo _

              Hi Grant -- Thanks for answering.  I wasn't really clear.  I open the database, work with it, then close it, maybe open a different database, work with it, etc.  If I go back later in the day and open the original database, more rows show up in Monarch than were there earlier or are there in reality.  (I can view the database in SQL).  It just sounds to me like a cache problem, but I didn't know if Monarch has a mechanism for emptying it.  Thanks again for any help.