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    trouble exporting

    BudgetBuster _

      Sorry I'm a brand new user.  I have v 10.01 pro.  I have set up a template on a pdf doc.  I see the selected lines highlighted from the selections I put on the T line.When i export it to a txt doc it exports the whole doc.  Any tips on what I may be doing wrong.  i've tried looking at all the manuals.  When I click on export the 'summary data' icon is greyed out.

        • trouble exporting
          Grant Perkins

          Hi BudgetBuster and welcome to the forum.


          Monarch V10 allows you to export the entire report (earlier versions did not), or the Table information or the Summary information.


          It sounds like you have not defined a summary yet (hence blanked out) and so you probably want to export the table data - which is what your modelling of the report will produce as an extract.


          As a new user this probably all sounds a bit daunting but believe me it is not once things fall into place for you.


          If you have not yet done so I strongly recommend taking some time to run through the early lessons in the Learning Guide (should be installed with Monarch hopefully) which should give you a flying start. Then pick the later lessons that seem to be of most relevance to you at this time.


          Meanwhile if you change to the Table window and try exporting from there you should get something different - unless your model picks the entire line and every line of the report! If it does you probably need a little guidance about setting up the template(s) in the model. Let us know.