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    Data Pump 10.5 Upgrade Problem

    thompssc _

      We are currently using Monarch Data Pump v9.0.0.14 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 box (x86) with SQL Server 2000 SP4.


      I attempted an upgrade to Data Pump 10.5 today, first installing the upgrade for Monarch Pro, then uninstalling Data Pump v9 as instructed. The install of Data Pump v10.5 appeared to complete successfully, however once it finished when I open Data Pump Administrator and click on Server Settings I get the following message:


      "Version mismatch: snapin, database"


      Did I miss a step? I can't find any documentation anywhere that discusses upgrading the underlying database; I assumed this would be done during the install of Data Pump.



      Any help would be appreciated.