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    one datarecord on different pages

    Dune73 _

      Hello together,


      i need help for solving a problem with monarch v8, maybe somebody has an idea?!


      I have a list with a set of information concerning one company in five lines.

      I used the detailmodell to create the fields. everything works fine, till the list has a changeover within the "dataset".


      I made an example to see what i mean - the problem "happens" at the Muster3 GMBH - you can see that the line kredit is parted with the line Versich... at the end of the side with the "zwischenendsumme"


      What do i have to do, to get the information together, wenn there is a changeover?


      regards and sorry for my bad english! :rolleyes:




      5467260.1 Muster GMBH                               Musterstr. 4

                                                        92819      Stadt                                                       240500.0

                 GJ.2010         291,05-           0,00            0,00           291,05-*H                                0,00  WU   0,0%

                 Kredit        10.000


      5482170.1 Muster2 GMBH                              Musterstr. 44                                             00.00.0000 Mahnsperre

                                                           99745      SONDERSStadt                                                240500.0

                 GJ.2010      31.628,70       13.343,60       19.460,46-       25.511,84 *S                           11.213,09  WU   0,0%

                 Kredit        35.000


      5485660.1 Muster3 GMBH                              Seegelstr. 6                                              00.00.0000 Mahnsperre

                                                           32205      Frankfurt                                                   240500.0

                 GJ.2010          94,25          942,84          975,80-           61,29 *S                              792,30  WU   0,0%

                 Kredit        75.000

                 Versich       75.000


      5486230.1 Muster3 GMBH                              GRUBENSTRAßE 12                                           00.00.0000 Mahnsperre

                                                           99421      Hamburg                                                     240500.0

                 GJ.2010           0,00        7.292,12        4.353,03-        2.939,09 *S                            6.127,82  WU   0,0%

                 Kredit        75.000



                 GJ.2010   2.261.189,23    6.556.112,90    4.095.322,10-    4.721.980,03 *                         5.431.743,70






      SALDENLISTE DEBITOREN                                                       060001/3.00.05     Datum   : 19.02.2010      Seite :  19

      36 Musterfirma GmbH                        in Währung : EUR      bis Periode : 01.2010      Uhr     : 11:09:49        ID    : szl


      Konto. Art Name / Anschrift                          Straße / Postfach                         Sperrhinweis       seit     Hinweis

                                                           PLZ / Ort                                                             Ford/Verb

                 Periode   Anfangssaldo      Sollumsatz     Habenumsatz            Saldo                              Warenwert


      5486230.1 Muster3 GMBH                              GRUBENSTRAßE 12                                           00.00.0000 Mahnsperre

                                                           99421      Hamburg                                                      240500.0

                 Versich       75.000


      5486420.1 Muster4 GMBH                   DAIMLERSTR. 4

                                                           33327      BAD Homberg                                                  240500.0

                 GJ.2010           0,00        4.306,39        4.178,20-          128,19 *S                            3.618,82  WU   0,0%

                 Kredit        50.000

                 Versich       50.000


        • one datarecord on different pages
          Olly Bond

          Hallo Markus,


          Welcome to the forum - nice to have someone else here from Germany!


          You can solve this by defining a Page Header template for the lines:


          **(032)***************************************** ************************************************** ********************************

          SALDENLISTE DEBITOREN 060001/3.00.05 Datum : 19.02.2010 Seite : 19

          36 Musterfirma GmbH in Währung : EUR bis Periode : 01.2010 Uhr : 11:09:49 ID : szl

                                                                                                            • ************************************************** ********************************



          Then Monarch should stop putting the page break after 100 lines and respect the page breaks in your data. You can also control the page length in Options > Input, but a Page Header template is more reliable.


          HTH, mfG,



            • one datarecord on different pages
              Dune73 _

              Hi Olly,


              thank you for your answer!

              I tried your idea with the Page Header template - i think you meaned the "kopfzeilenmuster"?! (i use the german version of monarch )

              Do i have to activate any functions, or is it enough to identify the page header with that template?

              For the "zwischenendsumme" at each end of the page (from my example), i used a "Fußzeile"... but the problem ist not solved till now.


              Another question is, what do i have to do with the repeated information at a changeover? You can see, Muster3GMBH you have two times on the example, because the "Versich" line does not fit on the side. On the next side it starts again with line1, "5486230.1 Muster3 GMBH" ... you know what i mean??


              Kind regards and greetings from Kassel ,



                • one datarecord on different pages
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Markus,


                  Yes, I think the Page Header template is called the Kopfzeilenmuster in the German version of Monarch.


                  You don't need to highlight any fields for the Page Header, if that's what you mean about activating functions.


                  You could avoid using a footer to capture the Zwischensumme as you could use Monarch's Page() function and a summary to obtain that same information.


                  If you like, perhaps you could email me the report and the model and I'll send it back with the extra template?