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    Add a autonumber column?

    consu _

      Is it possible to create an autonumber column? assume maybe a new calculated field code which simply adds "1" to previous record value?


      Just like the autonum field in Access...today I can of course create a table in Access first, add the field Autonum, and then use "Append" when exporting the table values. Was hoping I could do that already in Monarch.


      autoid     syscode             system

      1     HTRDO083     HEATER DONGHWA 0.83 sq.mtr.

      2     HTRDO083     HEATER DONGHWA 0.83 sq.mtr.

      3     HTRDO083     HEATER DONGHWA 0.83 sq.mtr.

      4     HTRDO083     HEATER DONGHWA 0.83 sq.mtr.

      5     HTRDO083     HEATER DONGHWA 0.83 sq.mtr.[/CODE]

        • Add a autonumber column?
          Olly Bond

          Hello consu,


          Yes. Define a calculated field using the expression:




          Experiment with Rowno() also - this behaves differently under table sorting and filtering conditions.  Page() and Line() are also very helpful for this sort of exercise.


          Best wishes,