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    details overlap page header?? (screenshot included)

    roger_27 _




      is this possible? I need the details to stop at the next page header. the trap is set to catch at the word "PAGE". as you can see, it's trapping, but the details seems to keep going from the page above it.


      is there something I'm missing here?




      Roger t.

        • details overlap page header?? (screenshot included)
          roger_27 _

          I think I figured it out. I have a set number of fields in my details template:









          line_the_rest (this is a multi line field. goes down 30 lines)


          from there I had calculated fields.

          line8 = textline(line_the_rest,1)

          line9 = textline(line_the_rest,2)

          line10 = textline(line_the_rest,3)

          line11 = textline(line_the_rest,4)



          what was happening was by having a SET number of lines, it FORCED the line items to go down even past the begining of a new page. in other words, if there was no line6, it didn't care, it MADE a line6 by going past the the new record trap.


          so I fixed it by going like this as my detail trap:


          line_the_rest (this is a multi line field. goes down 37 lines)



          I made line 1, the multi line trap, and had no single line items.

            • details overlap page header?? (screenshot included)
              Grant Perkins



              A couple of ideas for you.


              Firstly are you aware that the Page Header template has special properties to make it 'invisible' to other templates? Sometimes, if you want something to stop, you don't want the invisibility.


              However I think you have found the cause of the problem but there may be an alternative solution.


              You seem to have set line_the_rest to a fixed number of lines. I don't think you want to do that. Just define it as a single line field and then go to the Adcanced Field Properties and pick a suitable 'End field on' option that works for you in all cases. It's easy enough to experiment to see what the effects are. 'Blank field values' or 'None of the above' seem to be candidates but I'm not sure how typical your sample records are.


              The first lines of your record seem to be consistent in which case the model should be realtiely simple to construct. If the fields presented can vary (ofr if the address size can vary) then things get a little more complicated but the multi-line concept described above would seem to be applicable come what may for the lower section of each record.






                • details overlap page header?? (screenshot included)
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Roger,


                  As long as you have one line (ideally the first) of your sample, then it should be easy to build this model. Simply define a one line template, for your detail, and in the advanced properties, select "none of the above" so that the template continues until the next instance of the first line.


                  Then define your fields using the "preceding string" option, which will overcome any inconsistencies where they might appear once on line 3 and the next time on line 4, and so on.


                  Best wishes,