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    Bad Support

    elginreigner _

      Not sure this is the right forum or not. Recently it appears support has been outsourced to India, if this is not the case, then they hired an India with very poor english. Nor do they respond in a timely manner to support tickets.


      Anyhow, I am still having a problem of Monarch not reading files correctly. I have a CSV file with one record in it, data types are: number, date. Monarch is reading the first field as character. Yet, when the project  was created it read the fields correctly. This is not associated with any model or project as I can take the file directly into an empty project and it reads the field as character. The value in the field is 100% numeric.

      File data:


      104475, 20090827


      Any help is much appreciated.

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          Data Kruncher

          As a test, I copied your single record sample data to a CSV file.


          Yes, Monarch does initially set the first field to a Character field type, but with a couple of clicks I changed that default to be numeric, and the second field to be a date field.


          You should be able to have these "rules" applied when you save a model and project to use the data file repeatedly.



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              elginreigner _

              Data Kruncher, the data type is not the problem when it is the main database file. The problem arises in external lookups where I have no control over the data type. I have to rely on Monarch to correctly sample the first 250 records and tell me the data type.


              Support has finally returned a call to state they do see the problem too, but that was it no follow up.


              I have never used a product where support actually didnt support the users. This is almost as bad as AVG outsourcing their own tech support.


              I have create so many workarounds for this problem, it is very frustrating.

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                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Elginreigner,


                  I agree that it would be nice to be able to override Monarch's best guess for a data type when opening an external lookup. Perhaps an additional dialog in the external lookup routines could allow you to set the data type for each field.


                  In the meantime, I usually don't trust whatever dodgy Excel or CSV sources users give me to use as external lookups, and make a separate project which opens these as a database, cleans them up, and exports them to Access in exactly the format I want.