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    Explicit Vs. Relative Paths

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      I was working on a project in a test environment, that eventually had to be moved over into production.  It worked fine in test and it seemed to also in production until I started reviewing the data.  I found that although I had the same relative paths set up in my test environment, when moving the models and projects into production, they still pointed out to my test environment for the source files.


      Is there a way in Monarch to it up to look at the relative paths instead of specific paths?  That is, if I am testing something in
      TEST_LAB\TEST_FOLDER\ and move the Monarch parts to
      PRODUCTION_LAB\PRODUCTION_FOLDER\, how can I do so without having to relink the source files.  I would prefer that the models know where the source files are relative to where the models reside.  Thank you.

        • Explicit Vs. Relative Paths
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Raul,


          No, Monarch doesn't offer relative paths such as you've described, but by using the Monarch Utility program, which you should find in the Monarch program group on your Start menu, you can manage (and revise) the paths within your models and projects.


          Start the Utility and select "Manage external references in XML models or projects" and proceed with the wizard.


          It's a pretty straightforward exercise from there.