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    Changing all paths in a new install

    Chickenman _

      We just finished migrating the Data Pump install to a new server and upgraded from V9 to 10.


      Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy way to change the paths? The situation is all on the old server were D:\ drive, new server has C only. So D:\ProgramFiles\Monarch\Projects\yada-yada needs to become C:\ ProgramFiles\etc for all projects, models, and monitored reports.


      With hundreds to do, we'd like not to tackle this as a manual exercise.


      Annoyingly, for those keeping score at home (or work) the very first process we tested failed to trigger on a monitored report, so the chronic issue we have been having valiantly hung in for the migration apparently. Not only that, it's on a process that has worked flawlessly since Biblical times...:mad:



        • Changing all paths in a new install
          Olly Bond

          Hello Chickenman,


          The DataPump processes are stored in a SQL table that contains the path to the projects. You could try replacing all the D:\ with C:\ instances in a field in that table, using Monarch Pro.


          Another approach would be to log on to the server using the service account for DataPump and to then run the subst command to map the letter D: to the root of drive C:\. I'm not in front of a server to try this so I offer it more in hope than expectation


          Good luck,



          • Changing all paths in a new install

            For the projects, models, and batch scripts, I've found a handy trick.  I do a windows search for .xprj, .bat, .xmod, ect in the folder for the Data Pump files.  Then, I select them all, and open them in Notepad++ (free download).  Notepad++ opens them all in one instance.  You can then do a search and replace for D:\ to C:\ in all open documents.  Finally close all.


            I had given an estimate of 7 hours to my manager the last time we had a major change like this.  I figured out the above trick in 15 minutes once I got started, and needless to say the boss was very pleased.