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    Export - Unable To Read File

      I have various reports that are exported into Monarch (weekly, monthly, quarterly).  I've been getting a message when opening in Excel of unable to

      read - I click OK - and the data is there but not in the usual format.


      Any ideas on what is causing this?



        • Export - Unable To Read File
          Olly Bond

          Hello LL Data Dawg,


          This is slightly hasty as I'm multi-tasking, so please forgive me if I'm completely wrong, but it might be worth searching the forums for "printer driver" as there's a known issue which might be causing this.


          Essentially, if you change your default printer driver back to something simple (Microsoft Generic Text printer driver, for example) you may find Excel exports behaving themselves again.


          Best wishes,



            • Export - Unable To Read File

              Not sure if I follow default printer driver aspect.  I'm exporting from table view

              and they are the same as always & using the same version of excel. Now that I'll be looking at daily payroll reports I need to be able to get the data in excel the same as it looks in monarch.



                • Export - Unable To Read File
                  Data Kruncher

                  In order to bring data from an Excel into Monarch, you must open the file as a Database source instead of a Report source (File -> Open Database...), using Monarch Pro.


                  Then follow the wizard through and you should be OK.




                  Er, hold that thought. If you're having trouble reading the Excel files that are exported by Monarch, go to the Options -> Export and Clipboard... dialog, and set the Excel driver to "Excel 97+ (Monarch v8)".