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    Filter to Null

    rob.lyles _

      Hi, I had an issue with Monarch not being able to project export to Access 2003 because of duplicates and primary keys in my DB. As the same order number has line items added or shipped, duplicates in my reports will appear as I have already exported similar data before.


      To get around this, I have tried creating an external lookup from the model/report to my Access db. After doing so, Monarch asked me to import a field from the db. If there is a value in this field, I know it exists in the db and I need to filter it out to successfully export. If there is no value in this field, then it returns as null. My question is how do I filter to see the nulls only? From here, I would hide this imported field and export to my db.


      If there are any other ways around this it would be appreciated to know, but if not I need help with filtering to null.