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    Table Copy into Excel 2007

    UpennRossi _

      I'm using Monarch V7 and Excel 2007 (recently upgraded from 2003).  One of the routines I usually do is copy directly from the Table View in Monarch into excel.  When using Excel 2003, the table copied perfectly, with all values going into individual cells and text/numeric being reflected properly.  Now, with Excel 2007, a copy directly from the Table view into Excel brings each row of data as a single tab delimited text string.  It adds another step to my process (having to convert text to columns in Excel).


      Would this be cured with an updated version of Monarch, or is it another reason to not like Excel 2007?

        • Table Copy into Excel 2007
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome to the forum.


          Yes, this was resolved with later versions of Monarch, so if this is something that you'd prefer to continue to do easily, you should consider moving to Monarch v10.5. Of course there are a number of additional reasons to do so beyond the clipboard enhancement.


          Having said that, you can still avoid the text to columns conversion work by simply exporting to a temporary Excel file from your Table window, and then opening that Excel file and copying its contents to your final worksheet. Consider using a Monarch project file to handle the repetitive export for you.