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    Model Issues W/10.5 & Win 7 64bit

    Sue@Tiffen _

      I have about 50 projects that I never had a problem with until I upgraded to 10.5 and windows 7 64-bit...now when I try to run the project- I get the following error message...

      "Input File has lines longer than the 4000 character maximum. They will be truncated".

      Once I click OK- I get a .txt screen full of random characters....if I close the model...The .pdf report (that the project uses) is fine....

      I can create a new model on the fly and it works fine...


      Any ideas?

        • Model Issues W/10.5 & Win 7 64bit
          Data Kruncher

          Yes Sue, one idea, but i don't think that you'll like it too much.


          For now, [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=3168"]avoid running Monarch v10.5 on Win 7 64 bit[/URL]. I'm sure that it'll get sorted out in time, but it seems a bit shaky just now.



            • Model Issues W/10.5 & Win 7 64bit
              Joe Berry

              I have used Windows 64 Bit - Vista and 7 - with Monarch v10.5 with absolutely no issues.  I read the other post, but have had none of the issues.  Is there a specific trigger?

                • Model Issues W/10.5 & Win 7 64bit
                  Grant Perkins



                  I spotted the dreaded acronym 'pdf' in there.


                  You're starting with a PDF as input fole to the Project, it works except for Windows 7 using the original Project/Model. I also works with Windows but ONLY if you create a new model.


                  Did I get that right?


                  If you save the new model and re-save the project will running the project then work?


                  It may be that there is a mismatch of some kind in the PDF engine (there have been several versions of the pdf conversion engine as you likely know!). I'm wondering if the old model has a preset for an old version that in combination with V10/Windows 7 has some issues.


                  That said if you DO change the pdf translation engine version there are possibilities for the model to need re-working anyway I guess. PDFs are like that.


                  I could be a mile off target here but the idea has not been mentioned so far and it would be quite quick to check. My 10.5 installation defaults to PDF engine V10. I'm not sure what differences/benefits/etc. there are for the 10.5 PDF engine.