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    Project export and primary keys

    rob.lyles _


      I thought I just submitted this thread, but cannot find it. So I apologize if this is a duplicate. I please need help with the following...


      I'm using project export to update my Access 2003 DB. In my tables I have created primary keys to help build unique records. However, in my intial report, there are duplicate rows in which it will be very hard to avoid, i.e. when the same line item ships for the same qty in the same day. I get an errror message (3022) when I try to export asking me to change the duplicate data.


      What are my options here?? I don't think I have any other fields I can use to help the record be any more unique. Can I create primary keys in Monarch to help prepare the data for export?




        • Project export and primary keys
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Rob,


          I think what you're after for this is a new filter. Define a "Unique Keys" filter with the value 1 for the expression (meaning TRUE, which will return all records), and on the Advanced tab choose the option to select rows according to their uniqueness. Check the box for unique rows, and then check your key field from the list of fields in the box on the right side. Save the filter and be sure to use it in your project export.


          If you already were using a filter for the export, then either revise that filter using the Advanced tab, or develop a new compound filter combining your existing filter and the new Unique filter, and then use the compound filter in your project export.




            • Project export and primary keys
              Olly Bond

              Hello Rob,


              DataKruncher is absolutely right that advanced filters with Unique options are the best route to de-duplicating your record set in the table.


              If you needed to retain or group the duplicate records then you could set up a summary with the "primary key" fields you want in Access defined as the "key" fields in the Monarch summary.


              Fields that you want to show as they are in the table can be selected as "item" fields, and fields that you want to group (max, sum, average etc) can be configured as "measure" fields.