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    Monarch v9 and PDF issues

    olap_bi _

      We are having issues with Monarch 9 (with the patch also applied), where it doesnt recognize the PDF file as a PDF format.


      Is there anything we can do to mitigate this problem?


      Also, is there a benefit in moving upto version 10, if it offers significant gains with respect to PDF document handling


      Thanks for the feedback in advance, Ali

        • Monarch v9 and PDF issues
          Olly Bond

          Hello Ali,


          If a PDF opens in Acrobat Reader, and if you can select the text within the PDF and copy it to Notepad, then you should[/B] be able to handle it with Monarch Pro.


          However, Acrobat Reader tolerates lots of PDF files which don't strictly adhere to the formal standard, and since Monarch Pro v8 came out, numerous improvements have been made to the PDF import engine in Monarch.


          Specific improvements for v10.5 are specified on the Datawatch website (http://www.datawatch.com/_support/support_45.php[/url]). If you would like to email me a sample PDF I'd be happy to test it in v10.5, and could confirm whether or not upgrading is going to solve your issue.


          Best wishes,