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    FTP via Data pump


      Is there a way to schedule an FTP via data pump?   I cant find any documentation on this.   I see a HTTP/FTP tab but now sure how this works.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.




        • FTP via Data pump
          Olly Bond

          Hello Ruben,


          Yes, a scheduled process[/B] can use FTP as a distribution[/B] method for either project inputs /Bor exports[/B].


          Taking the simplest example, if you have a process set up in DataPump that contains one project - "project.xprj" that opens "report.txt" and applies "model.xmod" and exports "table.xls", then you could instruct datapump to FTP report.txt as an input distribution, and to ftp table.xls as an export distribution.


          The process can be scheduled.


          Best wishes,



          • FTP via Data pump

            If you are looking to use a file from another FTP server, you could schedule a pre-process script to FTP the file down.


            However, in practice what we do is have a separate FTP server that has several scheduled scripts to pull down files from other servers.  Data Pump monitors for the files pulled down via FTP and processes them as soon as they are available.  If we ever change the schedule, we only change the FTP server.