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    Newbie Needing HELP!! :~(

    it_46173 _

      I'm trying to capture Line items associated with a PO#



      CLOSED   VENDOR                PART NUMBER/     

      DATE     CODE       BC LINE    SPECIAL INSTR    



      -- -


      11/13/09 18092      02   1.000 MISC- 1- 75391   

                                                 FT-10 FIT TEST KIT

                                        2.000 MISC- 2- 75391   

                                                 M6200 3M MED. MASK


                                        3.000 MISC- 3- 75391   

                                                60926 3M MULTI GAS

      02/10/09 18040      02   1.000 MISC- 1-010609JM 

                                                 REPAIR PIVOTS ON #

      01/22/07 04290      02   1.000 MISC- 1-011407DM 

                                                 SERVICEMAN TO REPA

      01/27/09 31788      02   1.000 MISC- 1-011509C0-1[/code][/SIZE]


      I have my templates setup with PO # being detailed and the Line Item Appended.


      75391                  11/13/09     18092     02       1.000

      010609JM     02/10/09     18040     02       1.000

      011407DM     01/22/07     04290     02       1.000

      011509C0-1     01/27/09     31788     02       1.000

      011509CO     01/27/09     17080     02       1.000

      011609MJ     02/17/09     04290     02       1.000



      But I'm not capturing all the line items!!


      Can someone help me before my computer gets ran over in the parking lot!:eek:


      Thanks....  Scott:confused:

        • Newbie Needing HELP!! :~(
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Scott. Welcome to the forum.


          Step away from the vehicle!


          I built a 2 line detail template to model your sample and used N.NNN as the trap line characters and as the last step checked the Floating Trap box.


          I painted the date, vendor code and BC fields, choosing to copy values from previous record for those fields. Then I painted the line number and PO number.


          This results in the following as the Table window contents:

          [FONT=Courier New]

          PONumber     ClosedDate    VendorCode    BC    LineNumber

            75391      2009-11-13    18092         02    1.000

            75391      2009-11-13    18092         02    2[/FONT][FONT=Courier New].000[/FONT]

          75391      2009-11-13    18092         02    3[/FONT][FONT=Courier New].000[/FONT]

          010609JM    2009-02-10    18040         02    1[/FONT][FONT=Courier New].000[/FONT]

          011407DM    2007-01-22    04290         02    1[/FONT][FONT=Courier New].000[/FONT]

          011509C0-1  2009-01-27    31788         02    1[/FONT][FONT=Courier New].000[/FONT]



          The floating trap is your key to success here.




            • Newbie Needing HELP!! :~(
              it_46173 _

              Not for sure what you mean by a 2 line detail template /QUOTE.


              When I tried setting up the trap.  I get the following error "Floating trap must match the sample line exactly to enable the field position calculations.  Use of the "Shift to match sample" function on the trap's context menu may eliminate the error".


              Any suggestions.... 



                • Newbie Needing HELP!! :~(
                  Data Kruncher

                  I should have said "a two line sample for the detail template".


                  Use the first record of your posted sample (both lines) for your template sample text.


                  I have the decimal point in the trap line position 28. Make sure that the position of your trap characters matches exactly with the sample text before you turn on the floating trap option.



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                      Mauricio _

                      If the error above persist when you are trying to set up the trap. Clear the check box of Floating trap and check as Detail (Type options), and then press OK, click on Table window icon, then go to Data (Menu) – Filter… New – Filter Name - on Expression text box write the next:

                      Search_XL("Enter the text pending to trap",[Your column name],1)


                      "Enter the text pending to trap" = The words that you need to trap.

                      = If you are working with columns and the text that you need to Trap is into it.

                      1 = The Trap will start to work starting from the 1st field of the column to the last one.

                      Monarch V9


                      Search_XL(find_text,within_text,start_num)Returns the number of the character at which a specific character or text string is first found, reading left to right (not case sensitive). This is an Excel function using the intrinsic functions Instr and Substr.

                • Newbie Needing HELP!! :~(
                  Grant Perkins

                  I'm trying to capture Line items associated with a PO#


                  [SIZE=1]P.O. /SIZE





                  -- -



                  11/13/09 18092 02 1.000 MISC- 1- 75391 /SIZE

                  FT-10 FIT TEST KIT[/SIZE]

                  2.000 MISC- 2- 75391 /SIZE

                  M6200 3M MED. MASK[/SIZE]


                  3.000 MISC- 3- 75391 /SIZE

                  60926 3M MULTI GAS[/SIZE]

                  02/10/09 18040 02 1.000 MISC- 1-010609JM /SIZE

                  REPAIR PIVOTS ON #[/SIZE]

                  01/22/07 04290 02 1.000 MISC- 1-011407DM /SIZE

                  SERVICEMAN TO REPA[/SIZE]

                  01/27/09 31788 02 1.000 MISC- 1-011509C0-1[/SIZE][/code]







                  Kruncher's 2 line detail - no Append template required - looks right from the look of the posted sample but I have to ask whether all line items numbered 2 and above really do get shifted to the right or is this appearance something to do with cutting and pasting into the forum?


                  It looks very odd and there is nothing in the field descriptions header lines to indicate that would be expected behaviour. To my mind

                  if such a report was given to me for QC testing I would send it right back for re-work. Is there something else going in here? Is the format the result of an extraction from a PDF perhaps?


                  If the shift is 'real' and you need the special instructions as well there may be a little more tweaking required.





                  ETA: It seems that nested quoting may not re-format CODEd sections as per the original post (or I havemiseed something  ....)  My comment should make greater sense if the original post is referenced.