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    v10.5 and the xprj editor

    Kristie _

      Hi, Silly question I am sure but prior to upgrading to v10.5 I was able to right click on the xprj file and open with the XPRJ editor.  I do not have that option anymore.  I realize I can save new project files with Monarch but I really just need to get into a few to make a minor adjustment instead of having to recreate all of the database links, etc.  Any ideas how to do this now?



        • v10.5 and the xprj editor
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Kristie,


          You want to use the Monarch Utility now to do this. Select the "Manage external links and references in XML models or projects" task, and step through your changes.




            • v10.5 and the xprj editor
              Olly Bond

              Hello Kristie,


              I suspect the upgrade has reset the registry settings that your PC associates with XPRJ files. We've installed the XPRJ Editor - which I believe is usually provided with DataPump - on some machines but not all - and it can be very useful.


              If you right click on a program shortcut to the XRPJ editor, can copy the path, then you should be able to recreate the link to this from XPRJ files by editing the options for File Types from a Windows Explorer window.


              Best wishes,



                • v10.5 and the xprj editor
                  Kristie _

                  Yes, I need the XPRJ editor but I am not sure where to find it to install it.  v10.5 has not gone well and I may need to revert back to v10.   The datapump processes keep getting hung up "cannot start because another instance is still running" but nothing has changed since the versions changed.  Other data is loading 4 times which is why I think I need the xprj editor to fix the export processes.  Very frustrating upgrade.


                  thanks for your help.

                  • v10.5 and the xprj editor
                    Kristie _

                    Found it thanks!  Now I should be able to fix the problem of data loading 4 times since the v10.5 upgrade.