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    Populate Blank Field With Prior Value

      In a DBF there is a Description field that has a value at the beginning of a set of data.  The discription is needed to autofil until the data set changes.  For example:


      The catagory is blank for this record.  I would like to have the Catagory from the previous record fill in.


      Currently Data Looks like this:


      ACCT.   AMT.   Catagory


      1234   $12.50  Revenue

      1256   $25.60                                 



      2123   $15.00  MOB Expenses

      2345   $14.65 


      It should look like this:


      1234   $12.50  Revenue

      1256   $25.60  Revenue                                                                           



      2123   $15.00  MOB Expenses

      2345   $14.65  MOB Expenses

        • Populate Blank Field With Prior Value
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Dr.,


          There's a theme today it seems with data sharing between records when using database sources.


          Accordingly, I have a two pass solution to recommend.


          First, open your DBF file as you do normally. Build and run a project export from the Table windows to create a fixed-length text file. In effect, this will output the Table as a report file. Save the model and the project files for later reuse.


          Now open the new text file as a conventional report and model it, employing the "Copy value from previous record" mechanism in the field properties. Again, save the model (and project if desired).


          That ought to do it.