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    Obtain value from defaulted value in different field

    adonis _



      Does anyone know how to obtain the initial value from a previous record.

      The number of records can vary for each security.


      Ie: IT can have anywhere from a minumum of 2 records to 20 or so but the description is only available in line 1 of the security that is available.


      Usually it is one account that has the description while the others are blank.

      I need to obtain the description and populate the other records.

      look forward to your feedback.



        • Obtain value from defaulted value in different field
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Adonis,


          Monarch is not able to share data between records. Though the Table looks like a spreadsheet, and accordingly we almost intuitively want to be want to be able to write formulas for calculated fields similar to Excel's referencing techniques, we can't.


          The Table is really just a single database table. Each row has no "knowledge" of the others, with the notable exception being the "Leave blank" and "Copy value from previous record" option in the field properties dialog.


          The solution to challenges such as yours are in handling it as a database situation:


          Find a common key value between the records.

          Export of list a key values and the other information that you want to share between records.

          Create an external lookup to add the shared information based on the key value.


          The key value is the kicker. While it's often possible to derive a useful key, at times you have to be a bit creative and choose from Monarch functions to help you out.


          This is part where I ask you to post a representative sample of what you're working with.