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    Syntax Help

    Tia Daems

      monarch /datasource:="C:\input.xls" /mod:"c:\modelxls.xmod" /exp:"c:\output.txt"


      I am attempting to process an Excel file using a model I have written.

      When I try to run the command-line above, I just get the Monarch Pro splash screen followed by vanilla Monarch Pro window with neither my excel file nore the model loaded.


      I have also attempted to perform the process using a PDF version of the Excel file.

      When I do this with the following command:


      monarch /rpt:="C:\input.pdf" /mod:"c:\modelpdf.xmod" /exp:"c:\output.txt"


      I get a window that shows the pdf file was loaded, but the report detail does not appear (nothing is highlighted- the model is not applied)

      At this point, the only thing to do is to click OK (there are other options, but they don't do anything)


      Both of these scenarios do not yield any meaningful output. 

      Any suggestions on what syntax / usage I should be using?

      The command line help in the Monarch help is not that useful.

      I am using Monarch Pro 10.5 so I should theoretically be able to use the datasource option (although of course, I am not using it properly).


      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Data Kruncher

          First up, the Excel datasource problem: you need to create a project file, then use /prj and /datasource in the command line.


          Next, the pdf:

          Monarch /rpt:"C:\test\test.pdf" /mod:"C:\test\pdfmodel.xmod" /t /exp:"C:\test\pdftext.txt"[/CODE]


          The /t forces Monarch to switch to the Table window in order to export the text file, but you shouldn't really need to include the /t parameter.


          You might be interested in the [URL="http://********************/tips/monarch-batch-file-generator"]Monarch Batch File Generator[/URL].