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    Hide columns when exporting to excel

    baghu _



      I've recently purchased V10.5 pro and need clarity with the below issue.


      I'm importing an excel sheet as a data base and my excel sheet comes with some hidden fields(Columns). Once I complete my validation through Monarch I needed to export my workings as an excel sheet with the same hidden columns or more columns as hidden fields.


      Is there any way I can do this?


      Any help is appreciated.




        • Hide columns when exporting to excel
          Data Kruncher

          The only way that you can export to an Excel file that truly contains hidden columns is to build a summary that includes those fields, but on the appropriate tab for the field's properties, set the hidden checkbox. Then export that summary to the Excel file.


          For Item and Measure fields, you'll find a Hidden checkbox on the General tab.


          For Key fields, use the "Hide the key column" checkbox on the Display tab.


          This may take some trial and error time to get the desired layout just right, but it can be done successfully.