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    Still trouble with external lookups

    JLain _

      I give up. I am attempting to bring collection notes to an ATB. There are 4 collectors I am trying to do this with. The notes import as general and character into Monarch. However, in most instances they come across as null. The lookup is performing invoice number to invoice number. I am bringing the ATB source document in as a database. The invoice number defaults as general and character. I've ensured that the source excel spreadsheet where the note lookup is supposed to performn that the column with invoice number is also general as the invoice number begins with "IN" followed by a number.


      Out of thousands of records only 2 or 3 lines are actually importing...strange right. The remainder pull in as null. I've looked at the cells that have actually pulled in. I just cant find a correlation and am unable to bring in the data.


      Help? I can provide the source documents if someone would care to take a look at the model and project.