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    Exporting Date

    RalphB _

      When I export a table out to Excel with a date field via a script, sometimes it converts the date into the numeric version.  For example, instead of exporting out 11/16/2009 it exports out 40133. And when I try to append another export onto this, the export fails because of the date column is no longer a date.  This does not happen all the time but it happens enough to be an annoyance.


      This started when we upgraded to V10.5 Pro.  I have been using this same script for several years dating back to V7 or maybe V6 Pro so I don't believe it is a problem with the model.  I have not made any changes to it for quite some time.  This only seems to be happening with this one model.


      Anyone else experiencing the same problem?  :confused: :confused:

        • Exporting Date
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Ralph,


          Can we assume that you are exporting to an xls file (rather than an xlsx file)? If so, what Excel driver is set in the model to use for handling xls files (under Options, Export and Clipboard).


          Is the apply formatting option checked? If not, does selecting that option (and maybe using the Monarch v8 Excel driver) rectify the issue ?



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              RalphB _

              Hi Sandy, yes I'm exporting to xls.  Haven't upgraded to Office 2007 yet.  The export option is set for Excel 97+(Monarch8).  Like I said, it worked fine under all versions including V10.  The problem appeared after we upgraded to 10.5.