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    External Lookup extremely slow

    SSeb _

      I'm having a serious issue in regards to pulling external data and I'm hoping someone can help.

      I'm setting up an external lookup, OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. When I complete the setup and it begins the lookup the entire application locks up for about 30min (if I'm lucky) before the data is displayed.  The table I'm pulling from is rather large: 1,845,622 records. Is this a factor? Is there a way to expedite the lookup?

      Thank you in advance for your time.

        • External Lookup extremely slow
          Olly Bond

          Hello SSeb,


          If it's a regular task, perhaps you could set up a job on the SQL Server to export the relevant fields from that table to an MDB file? If that was local to the Monarch machine, you'd certainly see some improvement in speed.


          Best wishes,